In our endeavour to provide an ideal learning atmosphere to students, we have designed our curriculum in a way that emphasizes fun, knowledge and inquiry in the daily schedule of students. The myriad experiences intend to bring out the best in each child thus allowing him to be more self-assured and empowered in various spheres of life.

The Morning Assembly

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It marks the beginning of the day where students and teachers put in a collaborative effort to start the day on a positive and zesty note. The assembly provides a perfect platform for the students to display their hidden talents and in turn makes them more confident and focused.


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The classrooms are the ideal places for students for sharing knowledge, knowing their strengths and limitations and being themselves. The teachers gently guide them through the lessons and help better understanding through open classroom interaction.

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We cater to a variety of activities that address the innate talents of students. To name a few- Art and Craft, Music, Role play, Poetry, Mime, Dance, etc. Weekly classes are conducted and contests are held to encourage healthy competition and collaborative spirit among students.

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Working towards good health is a duty that keeps our mind strong, clear and centered. We accommodate various sports activities like Skating, Basketball, Tennis, Football, etc. and train the students strategically to achieve high levels of fitness combined with excellence.

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It’s important to have a secular outlook in today’s world and to survive diversity. We celebrate important days and festivals which help the students to understand and respect different people and cultures.

Yoga in Schools in Chennai

Annual and Sports events are conducted every year which showcase the best of our students with the parents as spectators. A day of magnificence, grandeur and extravaganza blend in together to create a wonderful atmosphere for the students, teachers and parents to enjoy some fun filled moments.

Service – our mission

In this ever-changing world, it’s important to be aware and willing to serve. In our attempt to make our students responsible citizens, we organize cleanliness drives and environment protection programmes


Kindergarten programme

Our specially designed pre- school curriculum aims at creating an invigorating atmosphere for the young kids where they learn a multitude of things in a home like environment. They are indulged and taught in an informal way so as to bring out a natural response to situations.

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